搜索隊 Goes Wiki

(UPDATE@20/2/2009: If you’ve a gmail a/c, you can register to receive alerts of any changes made to the spreadsheet (e.g. after someone has marked a postbox as New, you’ll be notified). To register, click “Share” on the spreadsheet page and then go to “Set Notification Rules” in the pull-down menu.) 

Perhaps you’re also like this now, always looking out for postboxes when out on the street. Yesterday, for example, I walked from Yaumatei to Shumshuipo with an eye on the postboxes. It then occurred to me that it’ll be more efficient and, most importantly, more FUN if I have a location list in hand and track down the postboxes in one area one by one accordingly. It’ll be a great way to spend an afternoon, I guess!

And when I was about to print the list from the Post Office’s site today, I figured some of you might also be interested and so I’ve now created an online spreadsheet (link here).


Anyone can have access to it and can mark next to the postbox you’ve checked whether it’s an Old (with pre-1997 British crown) or New one (so that another member may just skip it in the next search). For example, if you’ve checked Postbox 100 and found it’s a new one, you just type New in the column next to its location. So this’ll be a truly collaborative effort and it is in this sense I’m saying we’re going Wiki.

Sounds serious? No lah.  Remember, this is first and foremost a fun project. So just search in whatever way you like – location list with a map in hand or happy-go-lucky chance encounter. Not a member yet: just do a search (even if no success in locating an old beauty) and report back and you’ll become one. 

There’re more than 1000 postboxes in HK, so have fun!


5 thoughts on “搜索隊 Goes Wiki

  1. @kiauroraswi – You mean you’re worried that someone may post fake record there? Yes, there’s no way we can stop that – let’s just hope that everyone’s honest (I’ve also created a backup copy and as the owner of that spreadsheet I’ll be notified of any changes made, so I can pull out the backup copy in case there’s someone trying to sabotage). BTW, I was notified the entry you made (“New” for a Tsing Yi one) and it was very fast – I was notified just a few minutes after your entry).

  2. @kiauroraswi – Hey, sorry, when I checked the spreadsheet again I could not find the “New” you entered anymore. I guess I must have inadvertently removed it (by undoing I believe) when I was working on it. Very sorry. Please re-enter when you have time.

  3. yes, typo finder I am, like a proofreader.
    by the way, the number of postbox really like that of 7-eleven, wow, so many around us., or I just didnt notified them.

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