搜索隊全新網頁: Show Our Love, Share Our Love

Hi everyone (member and non-member),

I am deeply moved by the postbox photos that keep streaming in, and I would say there’s a lot of love in it – for the postboxes themselves, the place/society/world we are living in or visiting (and each other amongst ourselves).

So I thought we should have a better site to record our findings (and show and share our love!). And now I have created a site on weebly.com, a free website hosting service. The URL is http://hksearch.weebly.com/ and do pay it a visit and bookmark it. I’m also new to it – juts heard about it yesterday and worked on it today for several hours to put this together. Basically what I did was I (re)organize the materials I’ve already put on our xanga site (http://hkpostbox.xanga.com/) in what I hope to be a more systematic way.

Do give comments/suggestions and report back on dead hyperlinks. The site belongs to all members, so if you wish to post directly to it, contact me and I’ll give you the password. Also if you there are other items you want to search you may also want to get the other members involved and post the finding at this new site. I have myself floated the idea of searching HK old tai pai dongs 舊式大牌檔 and old buildings with a few members; interested anyone?. Also, if you like you can write a short paragraph about yourself or/and give a link to your personal blog for posting on the site.

Happy searching!

檸檬頭隊長 (filled with love)

組織搜索隊 , 到可能地區 , 作徹底搜尋。 - 緣起 - Mozilla Firefox 7102009 71740 AM.bmp


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