Farewell to our most helpful contact at the Post Office

We bid farewell to our most helpful contact at the Post Office:————
Dear Ms Chung,

It was with a tinge of sadness that I learned you would be leaving your current post soon. It has been a pleasure knowing and corresponding with you; your responses have always been sincere and your help generous – many thanks! Congratulations on your new post and – I believe I can speak for all my team members and other vintage postbox lovers – heartfelt thanks for your contribution in preserving our vintage postboxes! 

If I may ask one final question: I remember your mentioning the possibility of displaying some vintage boxes in the then yet-to-be-completed Central Mail Centre in Kowloon Bay when I first met you during the TVB filming a couple of years ago and I wish to know if that will happen.

Last but certainly not the least, all the best with your future post.

With warmest wishes,

Sin Wai Man

Dear Mr. Sin,

Thank you very much for your kind words and well wishes. I really cannot claim credit myself for the preservation of the vintage posting boxes. I may say it is the joint efforts of HKP, AMO and especially YOU and your team members.

Regarding the original proposal of displaying a selection of the vintage posting boxes at the CMC, we are considering that it would be more desirable to display them at the new site of the GPO headquarters which is currently at a planning stage. I hope this has not disappointed you much.

It is also my pleasure knowing you and corresponding with you throughout these few years. I can be reached at the same email address and let’s keep in touch.

With best regards,