舊郵筒保育 – 幫佢地做年度身體檢查 2014


多謝大家參與,我們成功檢查了59個有皇冠標誌嘅郵筒 – 今年更得到沙頭角黃村長嘅義助,得而第一次親身探訪一個沙頭角禁區內的伊莉莎白二世郵箱 – 及4個特式郵筒。就數個甩油、生銹等狀況較差郵筒,我們已去信俾郵政署要求跟進,郵政署亦已經回覆。

所以,2014覆檢 (link)覆檢可說已大功告成!



Letter to Post Office dated 2/1/2015

“Dear Ms So,

Season’s greetings.

You might have already been aware some friends and I have formed ourselves into a team by the name of Hong Kong Postbox Search Team. Besides keeping a website, a blog and a postbox map (links at the foot of this email), we also conduct annual checkups for all the vintage postboxes. We have just completed this year’s and are very glad to note most boxes are in fairly good conditions. However, we find the conditions of the following pillar boxes wanting – mostly, rusting near the foot of the door of the box and peeling paint (which we worry will in time lead to rusting) – and thought another round of maintenance might be useful (for photos showing the various issues, please refer to the link to the respective box below):

  1. No.302, 15-16 Ho Man Tin Hill Road, Ho Man Tin (https://hkoldpostbox.wordpress.com/tag/302/)
  2. No.215, Mui Wo Ferry Pier, Lantau Island (https://hkoldpostbox.wordpress.com/tag/215/)
  3. No.131, Boundary Street / La Salle Road, Kowloon Tong (https://hkoldpostbox.wordpress.com/tag/131/)
  4. No.409, Cheung Wo Court, Hip Wo Street, Kwun Tong (https://hkoldpostbox.wordpress.com/tag/409/)
  5. No.203, Wang Fai House, Wang Tau Hom Estate, Fu Mei Street, Wand Tau Hom (https://hkoldpostbox.wordpress.com/tag/203/)
  6. No.195, Dunbar Road / Gullane Road, Homantin (https://hkoldpostbox.wordpress.com/tag/195/)
  7. No.125, 168-170 Shanghai Street / Saigon Street (https://hkoldpostbox.wordpress.com/tag/125/)

Also, in an email to me dated 18 June 2014, Ms Mary Chung informed that the Post Office would consider including Postbox No.9 at Ha Tsuen in Phase II of the Conservation Program for Vintage Posting Box; I would be grateful if you would keep me informed of any further progress on the aforementioned conservation program.

With best wishes,

Sin Wai Man”


Post office’s reply dated 5/1/2015

“Dear Mr Sin,

It is nice to meet you. First of all, wish you a happy, healthy and joyful Year of 2015!

Thank you for your information below about the latest conditions of the mentioned 7 posting boxes, I will forward the message to my colleagues for their follow up action.

Regarding the conservation program for the Posting box No.9 at Ha Tsuen, I will collect the updates from my colleagues and AMO and keep you informed of any progress.

If you have any questions or updates in the future, please feel free to contact me at your convenience.

Best regards,


搜索隊回報 – 沙頭角郵筒

記 錄 員: 0081 Cyrus隊員

記 錄 日 期: 2/1/2015

地 點: 沙頭角郵局 (code: STK) (on Google Map)

Cyrus隊員報告: the Overall Condition is Good, only little painting peel off.

QEII (ERII) 伊利沙伯二世 (1952-)

Manufacturer: W T Allen Co Ltd, London



2014覆檢 (link

記 錄 員: 001 檸檬頭隊長+ 0083 Florence隊員

記 錄 日 期: 11/10/2014

地 點: 沙頭角郵局 (code: STK) (on Google Map)

QEII (ERII) 伊利沙伯二世 (1952-)

Manufacturer: W T Allen Co Ltd, London










記 錄 員: Friend of 0083 Florence隊員

記 錄 日 期: 01/2014





2011覆檢 (link)

雖然我們的隊員今年未能到訪這個沙頭角郵筒,但從網上一個網頁發現此郵筒2011年6月的照片,亦即此筒仍然安好。照片見: https://picasaweb.google.com/mysunsphoto/20110626?fgl=true&pli=1#5623285882960230482。 


記 錄 日 期: 04/2009  

記 錄 員: 0042 hk.panorama 隊員