地 點: 東涌逸東邨《香港街市》

記 錄 員: 0096小吉士隊員

記 錄 日 期: 30/8/2016

QEII (ERII) 伊利沙伯二世 (1952-)

Note: Privately owned, publicly accessible, non-serving, history unknown. We separately enquired with Link REIT, the owner of the market where this box is located and Post Office about the history of this box. Link did not respond while Post Office said the box was not owned by them and they had no information on its history. We therefore believed it was imported from overseas by Link.   私人擁有,僅供觀賞,在香港歷史不詳。我們曾經向領展我們及郵政署查詢此郵筒歷史,領展沒有回覆,而郵政署則回覆此郵筒與它們無關。所以相信是擁有者領展從外國進口的。

5 August 2016

Dear Ms So,

You may already notice from press reports that there is an ERII pillar box erected outside a newly renovated market at Yat Tung Estate, Tung Chung (see attached photo). I understand it is not an operating posting box but would like to enquire if it is/was property of the Post Office (e.g. maybe sold or on loan to the market owner by the Post Office).  Many thanks in advance.

Best regards,

Sin Wai Man


18 August 2016

Dear Mr SIN,

After checking with colleagues, the said posting box is not the property of Hongkong Post. It is a privately owned box and no record could be traced.

regards, Sonia



記 錄 員: 0073 側藤隊員

記 錄 日 期: 1/8/2016


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搜索隊回報 – 西環已退役郵筒2

記 錄 員: 0097 Will Yip wai隊員
記 錄 日 期: 26/8/2016
地 點: 香港 西邊街西區社區中心後座 長春社古蹟保育中心內(需向職員查詢) (on Google Map, 經緯度 Co-ordinates:22°17’09.1″N 114°08’27.7″E)
QEII (ERII) 伊利沙伯二世 (1952-)
Manufacturer: W T Allen Co Ltd, London


長春社 ERII wall.jpg
記 錄 日 期: 14/4/2015
記 錄 員 : 001 檸檬頭隊長
地 點: 香港 西邊街西區社區中心後座 長春社古蹟保育中心 (on Google Map)

05-IMG_20150414_151218_HDR 06-IMG_20150414_151230_HDR 07-IMG_20150414_151245_HDR 08-IMG_20150414_151253_HDR 10-IMG_20150414_151351



地 點: 海洋公園 香港老大街 (on Google map)

記 錄 員: 0096小吉士隊員

記 錄 日 期: 17/8/2016

QEII (ERII) 伊利沙伯二世 (1952-)

Manufacturer: Carron Company, Stirlingshire

Privately owned, non-serving, history in HK unknown. 私人擁有,僅供觀賞,在香港歷史不詳。



記 錄 員: Father 0f 001檸檬頭隊長

記 錄 日 期: 21/10/2014






地 點: 海洋公園 香港老大街記 錄 員: 0044 星星隊員記 錄 日 期: 16/11/2012

QEII (ERII) 伊利沙伯二世 (1952-)

Manufacturer: Carron Company, Stirlingshire


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