Another Postbox Map

Wow, just noticed someone else has also created a postbox map on Google Earth. http://maps.google.com.hk/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&msa=0&msid=108389780906398562413.00046d9056ec57f624d5c&t=k&z=11

Ours was first created on 22/6/2009 and his was 30/6/2009, so probably we had inspired him. His work was good and original (all pictures different from ours) and he also maintained three other very interesting maps, a like-minded person I believe.

1. 歷任香港總督揭幕牌匾 http://maps.google.com.hk/maps/ms?hl=zh-TW&gl=hk&ie=UTF8&oe=UTF8&msa=0&msid=108389780906398562413.00046e4191dfd58e22fd0&ll=22.406585,114.101257&spn=0.45198,0.891953&t=k&z=11

2. 舊式路牌 http://maps.google.com.hk/maps/ms?hl=zh-TW&gl=hk&ie=UTF8&oe=UTF8&msa=0&msid=108389780906398562413.000453fd4e26e6248a46b&ll=22.38119,114.071045&spn=0.452063,0.891953&t=k&z=11

3. 特色/重型消防栓 http://maps.google.com.hk/maps/ms?hl=zh-TW&gl=hk&ie=UTF8&oe=UTF8&msa=0&msid=108389780906398562413.0004645507c30f10a8f62&t=k&z=13


I’ve now updated our list of 有待查證的香港舊郵筒 and there are 24 of them – most surprising of all is there’s one in Yau Yat Chuen!!! Although some of these 24 are already covered by this other map, I think visiting and recording them is still immense fun, so let’s keep searching! http://hksearch.weebly.com/26377244532659735657303403932128207332903710931570.html



Greatly Improved 搜索隊 Site

Hey guys, I’ve added a lot of things to our 搜索隊 site today.

First is this new page “最新10個搜索報告” which will also be used as our first page: http://hksearch.weebly.com/

Second is the 海外郵筒 page (we have 18 boxes – just up to this afternoon and not including the two I received after then – from six countries and in 6 styles!!!): http://hksearch.weebly.com/28023228063710931570.html

Third is the “已尋獲郵筒分類” added to the page 搜索隊已尋獲的香港舊郵筒 (this page is accessible through the page “香港舊郵筒”): http://hksearch.weebly.com/256283203438538240502356329554303403932128207332903710931570.html

Fourth, I added a blog for easy tracking of updates: http://hksearch.weebly.com/blog.html

Fifth, I’ve added a short introduction of myself (in a hidden page accessible through the link next to my name in the page 隊員名單: http://hksearch.weebly.com/page2.html Have a look and if you like you can do the same for yourself.

Have fun browsing and searching!


搜索隊全新網頁: Show Our Love, Share Our Love

Hi everyone (member and non-member),

I am deeply moved by the postbox photos that keep streaming in, and I would say there’s a lot of love in it – for the postboxes themselves, the place/society/world we are living in or visiting (and each other amongst ourselves).

So I thought we should have a better site to record our findings (and show and share our love!). And now I have created a site on weebly.com, a free website hosting service. The URL is http://hksearch.weebly.com/ and do pay it a visit and bookmark it. I’m also new to it – juts heard about it yesterday and worked on it today for several hours to put this together. Basically what I did was I (re)organize the materials I’ve already put on our xanga site (http://hkpostbox.xanga.com/) in what I hope to be a more systematic way.

Do give comments/suggestions and report back on dead hyperlinks. The site belongs to all members, so if you wish to post directly to it, contact me and I’ll give you the password. Also if you there are other items you want to search you may also want to get the other members involved and post the finding at this new site. I have myself floated the idea of searching HK old tai pai dongs 舊式大牌檔 and old buildings with a few members; interested anyone?. Also, if you like you can write a short paragraph about yourself or/and give a link to your personal blog for posting on the site.

Happy searching!

檸檬頭隊長 (filled with love)

組織搜索隊 , 到可能地區 , 作徹底搜尋。 - 緣起 - Mozilla Firefox 7102009 71740 AM.bmp



Collated the following list from what I found on various online forums. Let’s see when we can track them all down. Remember to take a picture when you see one of them and report back. Do report back even if you find it’s already been replaced by a new one, so we won’t unintentionally duplicate our effort. But of course repeat records are also welcome – I do that myself as I really love these postboxes -so do send them to me (or tag me to them on FB) for posting as team reports.

Happy Searching!

P.S. Keep also searching the overseas ones ar. My belief is the more we search the more we’ll love them and probably also the world we’re living in.


1. 梅窩碼頭 (No.215)
2. 鯉魚門 海傍道1號A (No.235)
3. 半山區 梅道(欖部)/漆咸徑1號 (No.58)
4. 南丫島 索罟灣 近警崗 (No.256) (喬治五世)
5. 觀塘 鱷魚山康利道康利苑(No.91)
6. 何文田山15-16號 (No.302)
7. 慈雲山 慈正村正暉樓 (No.202) found and recorded on 5/7/2009
8. 鯉魚門 海旁道一號A(喬治五世) (No.235)

9.  薄扶林花園第3座 (No.235) found and recorded on 5/7/2009
10. 中文大學崇基學院巴士站 (No.110)(喬治五世)
11. 大埔滘大埔公路翡翠花園正門出口 (No.463)
12. 粉嶺 安樂村樂業路∕安居街 (No.38)(伊利沙伯二世
13. 長洲 學校道 (喬治六世) (No.227) (入牆小型郵箱)
14. 長洲北社新村 (No.116) (伊利沙伯二世) (入牆小型郵箱)
15. 沙頭角郵政局 沙頭角公路沙頭角政府合署地下
16. 西貢 南圍窩尾巴士站 (No.149)
17. 青龍頭龍如路近迴旋處 or 青山公路近青龍頭村巴士站 (info incomplete, so can’t be sure)


1. 九龍 何文田 登巴道 嘉齡道 交界 編號195
2. 九龍 油麻地 上海街 170號 編號125
3. 九龍 油塘 茶果嶺道 近鯉魚門廣場 編號436
4. 九龍 九龍 塘 界限街 喇沙利道 交界 ( 喇沙小學前) 編號131
5. 九龍 九龍城 太子道 南角道 交界 (麥當當前) 編號181
6. 香港歷史博物館 編號25
7. 新界 荔景 荔景山道 清麗苑出口 編號382
8. 新界 元朗 加洲花園 商場對開 編號487
9. 九龍 觀塘 鯉魚門道12號 東九龍政府合署地下停車場近有信街一角 編號238
10. 九龍 觀塘 協和街 祥和苑巴士站上山方向前 編號40
11. 香港 中環 遮打道/皇后像廣場 編號239
12. 香港 中環 香港郵政總局 編號152
13. 香港 中環 香港郵政總局 編號21
14. 九龍 何文田 自由道∕太平道6號 編號157
15. 九龍 牛池灣 彩雲邨小巴站 編號393
16. 長洲碼頭 編號66
17. 山頂道 夏力道 交界 編號192
18. 大澳郵政局 編號149
19. 長洲國民路/新興街 編號124
20. 觀塘道啟德大廈 編號90


1. 香港舊郵筒地圖 http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?hl=zh-TW&ie=UTF8&oe=UTF8&t=k&source=embed&msa=0&msid=117155298117264184787.00046ced54d8218175911&ll=22.342455,114.198761&spn=0.215933,0.617294&z=11

2. 搜索隊網誌: http://hkpostbox.xanga.com

3. Location list of all postboxes in HK (where you can mark whether a postbox is new or old): http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=pH2P1BgQ6zbPKYgSWeUqyRw&hl=en_GB


Great tools from the 日本郵筒搜索隊


Totally in love with the Japanese search team and the Google Map gadget they created. The postbox symbols in this picture indicate the locations of postboxes in Macau. And if you click on it there’ll appear a small pop up box with info and photos of the postbox. Really briliiant!

To view it: first install this Google Map Gadget ポストマップ, then go here (remeber to check the box on the left; if you don’t you won;t see the postbox symbols).


搜索隊 Goes Wiki

(UPDATE@20/2/2009: If you’ve a gmail a/c, you can register to receive alerts of any changes made to the spreadsheet (e.g. after someone has marked a postbox as New, you’ll be notified). To register, click “Share” on the spreadsheet page and then go to “Set Notification Rules” in the pull-down menu.) 

Perhaps you’re also like this now, always looking out for postboxes when out on the street. Yesterday, for example, I walked from Yaumatei to Shumshuipo with an eye on the postboxes. It then occurred to me that it’ll be more efficient and, most importantly, more FUN if I have a location list in hand and track down the postboxes in one area one by one accordingly. It’ll be a great way to spend an afternoon, I guess!

And when I was about to print the list from the Post Office’s site today, I figured some of you might also be interested and so I’ve now created an online spreadsheet (link here).


Anyone can have access to it and can mark next to the postbox you’ve checked whether it’s an Old (with pre-1997 British crown) or New one (so that another member may just skip it in the next search). For example, if you’ve checked Postbox 100 and found it’s a new one, you just type New in the column next to its location. So this’ll be a truly collaborative effort and it is in this sense I’m saying we’re going Wiki.

Sounds serious? No lah.  Remember, this is first and foremost a fun project. So just search in whatever way you like – location list with a map in hand or happy-go-lucky chance encounter. Not a member yet: just do a search (even if no success in locating an old beauty) and report back and you’ll become one. 

There’re more than 1000 postboxes in HK, so have fun!