記 錄 員: 001 檸檬頭隊長

記 錄 日 期: 7/12/2011

地 點: Philatelic Museum, Singapore

原來新加坡1965年獨立後,進行去殖民地化 (decolonization),先將郵筒上的英國皇室標誌全部移除,然後於1971年再將該些郵筒退役。現在街上已經沒有剩下殖民時代郵筒,僅餘4個則在 Singapore Philatelic Museum 供寄信及展覽。

Perhaps, it’s common for the colonized to be ambivalent towards its colonial history/identity. My feeling is even if the colonial master is not too disagreeable (a very disagreeable example is Japan in HK), it is only after a certain period of time when the colonized people have grown in confidence in themselves will they fully embrace the colonial history as their own. In that sense, HK is lucky as when we start to treasure our colonial-era postboxes not all have been removed and for those that remain the Royal Ciphers are still left intact.


圓柱型郵筒: 原來,新加坡於1965年獨立後,將圓柱型郵筒上的英國皇室標誌全部移除,後來更全部被新型郵筒取代。這個位於新加坡郵政博物館門前作展覽及寄信的,是1995年重新投入使用,全新加坡碩果僅存。

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HK gave this to Singapore in 1997. Hopefully this will help fill in a gap in their history.

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This KGVI box has its Royal Cipher removed.

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These two lamp post boxes still have their Royal Ciphers. I asked the guy there their history and he said they were put in storage since independence in 1965 and therefore their Royal Ciphers are left intact.

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搜索隊回報 – 日本京都

記 錄 員: 0063 彭多華隊員

記 錄 日 期: 06/2011


地 點: 日本 京都


1. 京都中央郵便局: “這是位於京都市內的一個郵筒。在郵筒上面那個娃娃,是平安建都1200年(1994年)的吉祥物のぞみちゃん。她身上穿的是稱為「壺裝束」的服裝,這也是平安時代的身份高貴女性到寺廟或神社去參拜時的裝束。” (source:  http://witch.froghome.tw/index.php?load=read&id=559)

2. 小路四條通