搜索隊回報 – 郵筒131

2018覆檢 (link

記 錄 員: 001檸檬頭隊長

記 錄 日 期: 03/12/2018

地 點: 九龍塘 界限街喇沙利道 交界 (喇沙小學前)(on Google Map, 經緯度 Coordinates: 22° 19′ 37.95″, 114° 10′ 54.59″)

QEII (ERII) 伊利沙伯二世 (1952-)

Manufacturer: Carron Company, Stirlingshire

2009 Report (link)





記 錄 員: 0063 彭多華隊員

記 錄 日 期: 1/1/2018

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2017覆檢 (link)

記 錄 員: 003 狗邦隊員

記 錄 日 期: 7/11/2017


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記 錄 員: 0096小吉士隊員

記 錄 日 期: 19/2/2017

DSC_6455 DSC_6456


Correspondence with the Post Office requesting maintenance for this postbox (in reverse chronological order)


Dear Mr Sin,

Thank you for your email of 11 January 2017 and our subsequent updates regarding the Street Posting Box (SPB) Number 131(located at La Salle Road, Kowloon Tong) and Number 215 (located at Mui Wo Ferry Pier, Lantau Island).

Please be advised that the repainting work of these two SPBs have been completed. Photos showing their conditions after the re-painting work are attached for your reference, please.

SPB 131 (at La Salle Road, Kowloon Tong) – completed on 16.2.17

SPB 215 (at Mui Wo Ferry Pier, Lantau Island) – completed on 20.2.17

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.



Dear Mr Sin,

Another updates that we have engaged a contractor, and it is expected that the suitable maintenance and repainting work for the two posting boxes would be completed by around early Mar 2017.

We will keep you posted once the job is completed.




Dear Mr Sin,

Please be updated that we are inviting contractor to carry out suitable maintenance and repainting work for the two posting boxes. We will keep you posted the progress in due course.
Regards, Sonia


Dear Ms So,

We had our annual checkup for all the vintage postboxes and we are very glad to note most boxes are in good conditions. However, we also find the conditions of the following two boxes wanting and hope the Post Office would consider carrying out some maintenance on them:
  1. No.215 (Mui Wo Ferry Pier, Lantau Island https://goo.gl/QEYifu): rust near where the main body and the base connect.
  2. No.131 (Boundary Street / La Salle Road, Kowloon Tong https://goo.gl/kLnger): rust near where the main body and the base connect.
I would be grateful if you would keep me posted of any updates on these two boxes.
Best regards,
Sin Wai Man

2016覆檢 (link)

記 錄 員: 001檸檬頭隊長

記 錄 日 期: 29/12/2016

地 點: 九龍塘 界限街喇沙利道 交界 (喇沙小學前)(on Google Map, 經緯度 Coordinates: 22° 19′ 37.95″, 114° 10′ 54.59″)

QEII (ERII) 伊利沙伯二世 (1952-)

Manufacturer: Carron Company, Stirlingshire

2009 Report (link)








記 錄 員: 0024雲中君隊員

記 錄 日 期: 3/9/2016



記 錄 員: 0096小吉士隊員

記 錄 日 期: 23/4/2016



2015覆檢 (link)

記 錄 員: 0080 Henry隊員

記 錄 日 期: 8/11/2015

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2014覆檢 (link)

記 錄 員: 001 檸檬頭隊長

記 錄 日 期: 24/12/2014

P1160693 P1160678P1160682P1160690P1160701 P1160702 P1160703


2013覆檢 (link)

記 錄 員: 0073 側藤隊員

記 錄 日 期: 12/10/2013

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記 錄 員: 0037 小溫隊員

記 錄 日 期: 13/1/2013




2012覆檢 (link)

記 錄 員: 009 袁米高隊員

記 錄 日 期: 17/11/2012

406914_10151167079973740_1752127833_n 483141_10151167106658740_508903873_n postbox131



記 錄 員: 001 檸檬頭隊長

記 錄 日 期: 08/06/2011

P1070074 P1070077 P1070079 P1070084



地 點: 九龍 九龍塘 界限街 喇沙利道 交界 (喇沙小學前)記 錄 日 期: 09/01/2009記 錄 員: 檸 檬 頭 隊 長註: 隊長記錄時(約下午5:20)巧遇郵差阿哥, 徵其同意後,  拍下郵筒內部玉照, 特此銘謝. 筒背近底鑄有生產廠商名稱,為 “Carron Company, Stirlingshire” 而Stirlingshire查位於蘇格蘭.