搜索隊回報 – 郵筒202

2018覆檢 (link

記 錄 員: 001檸檬頭隊長

記 錄 日 期: 03/12/2018

地 點:慈雲山 慈正村 正暉樓 (on Google Map, 經緯度 Coordinates: 22°21′ 1.67″ 114°12′ 1.95″)

QEII (ERII) 伊利沙伯二世 (1952-)

Manufacturer: Carron Company, Stirlingshire (?)




2017覆檢 (link)

記 錄 員 : 0051 小K隊員

記 錄 日 期: 28/10/2017


2016覆檢 (link)

記 錄 員: 001 檸檬頭隊長

記 錄 日 期: 14/12/2016




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記 錄 日 期: 3/7/2016



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記 錄 日 期: 08/02/2016

記 錄 員 : 0073 側藤隊員




2015覆檢 (link)

記 錄 員: 001檸檬頭隊長

記 錄 日 期: 10/12/2015

地 點:慈雲山 慈正村 正暉樓 (on Google Map)

QEII (ERII) 伊利沙伯二世 (1952-)

Manufacturer: Carron Company, Stirlingshire (?)




記 錄 日 期: 14/3/2015

記 錄 員 : 0073 側藤隊員

10921990_10153041906125100_1779246126_n 11073275_10153041906150100_1684733997_n


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記 錄 日 期: 12/10/2014

記 錄 員 : 0051 小K隊員



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記 錄 日 期: 1/10/2013

記 錄 員 : 0051 小K隊員

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記 錄 日 期: 30/10/2012

記 錄 員 : 0055 小英隊員


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記 錄 日 期: 6/10/2011

記 錄 員 : 001 檸檬頭隊長

P1070275 P1070277


Major and pleasant surprise

Following my yesterday’s (2/5/2011) email to the relevant authorities, I, rather unexpectedly, received a really swift reply from Hongkong Post informing the old postbox is indeed only temporarily removed due to road work by the Highways Department.

I think that’s really good news and it also seems to show Hongkong Post is making a conscientious effort in retaining the old boxes. Below is their reply and my short response.

P.S. I think this also shows what we are doing – checking up on the postboxes latest conditions and writing to the relevant departments to put pressure on them when necessary – is really useful and, dare I say, making a difference.

On 3 May 2011 17:12, Matthew Wong  wrote:

Dear Mr. SIN,

Due to the road construction work by Highways Department, the old posting no. 202 is temporarily removed and a temporary posting box was set up to maintain the service. The old posting box no. 202 is now kept in our office. Once the work is completed, the box will be reinstated at the original location.

Should you require any further information, please feel free to call me at 2356 2501.

Thanks and end

Matthew WONG

Manager (Network)

Hongkong Post


Dear Mr Wong,

Many thanks and I think I can speak for all old colonial-era postboxes lovers in Hong Kong that that is very good news.

Yours sincerely,

Sin Wai Man


2011覆檢 (link)

記 錄 員: 0051 小K隊員

記 錄 日 期: 02/05/2011

地 點: 慈雲山 慈正村 正暉樓 (on Google Map)

QEII (ERII) 伊利沙伯二世 (1952-)

Manufacturer: Carron Company, Stirlingshire

Very Bad news: The old beautiful QEII pillar box has now been replaced by a rather characterless new box. As the new one is not permanently implanted into the ground yet and there is some construction work going on near the postbox, there may be a chance that it’s a temporary replacement of the old. We’ve written to the relevant department to demand an explanation now. Let’s see.

Downloads2 photo 4


From: Sin Wai Man

To: “Alfred P TANG, Commissioner for Heritage’s Office”

C.C.: “Mr Clement Cheung, Postmaster General”, “Mrs Laura Aron, Commissioner for Heritage”, “marychung@hkpo.gov.hk”

Re: Fw: Preservation of Old Postboxes in HK

Dear Mr Tang,

I am writing again to raise my concern about the fate of an old Queen Elizabeth II pillar postbox No.202 originally located at Ching Fai House, Tsz Ching Estate, Tsz Wan Shan Road with the Commissioner for Heritage’s Office and the Hongkong Post.

It is noticed that this old box has now been removed and replaced by a new one (photos for the old and new No.202 attached, or they can be viewed at these links: old http://www.flickr.com/photos/39410684@N02/3694678204/, new http://www.flickr.com/photos/52300433@N03/5678599663/).

In your previous email to me dated 13 July 2010, you said, in explaining why the Commissioner for Heritage’s Office has only planned to preserve nine old postboxes, “In addition to the aforementioned oval-shaped post box, there are 48 other post boxes cast during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II in Hong Kong.  They are still in service and Hongkong Post currently has no plan to remove them.  They are therefore not covered in our current discussion with Hongkong Post focusing on preserving the nine post boxes.”

As shown in the photo of the old No.202 taken back in 2009 I attached, this old pillar box was still then in very good condition and therefore there did not seem to be any legitimate reasons for the Hongkong Post to retire it.

To all heritage-concerned members of the public and especially the Commissioner for Heritage’s Office which seems to have entrusted the Hongkong Post to maintain these other old postboxes not included in the 9-box preservation plan, I believe, Hongkong Post owes an explanation.

Yours sincerely,

Sin Wai Man


地 點:慈雲山 慈正村 正暉樓

記 錄 日 期: 7/2009

記 錄 員 : 0031 珍寳珠隊員

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